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OUR Purpose

At Ashvatha, we envisage a healthier world by providing people with 100% Natural, Herbal, and Ayurvedic products based on Traditional Indian recipes in a contemporary way. Our superfoods are envisioned by a housewife to bring health into the spotlight in a world full of chaos and tizzy lifestyles! Pure assimilation of grandma secrets and day-to-day kitchen common sense, ours is a dream sparked with nostalgia and long-lost relished memories.

OUR Story

A teaspoon of ancient Ayurveda, a tablespoon of mother’s love, all mixed in a bowl of knowledge and holistic wisdom is the purest and healthful recipe of Ashvatha! We sought to delve deeper into the quest to serve nutrition and nostalgia in a world of packaged and processed food. Ours is a dream backed by a mother’s conscience to rediscover the traditional roots for a healthier and happier tomorrow! In a small kitchen of a small town, a woman began her tryst with herbs in an attempt to revive the age-old kitchen wisdom and ancient Ayurveda. The sole incentive was a mother’s quest to serve her children with the purest nutrition in this world of adulteration. Infusing traditional ingredients of the ancient gourmet times, she came up with a range of super blends that were crafted with the utmost sensibility. Nurturing the recipes with the goodness of traditional herbs, she fed her children a wholesome unmatched love as no one promised.

She crafted blends for daily use with no substitutes, fillers, or preservatives, and soon she knew, the word spread with every bite, and the greatness was awakened amongst all the vicinal ones. And thus she had thought to herself that it wasn’t just about her children anymore, all of the world was hers to love. It was decided that her products shall venture themselves into the world to nourish, to restore what was lost in our chaotic lifestyle. And that’s how ASHVATHA was born! Three years have passed and our values still remain the same, so does the vision and the intention. What has changed now is that ‘the quest to serve the purest’ isn’t limited to just one house or family, it has reached thousands of such families who wanted nothing but the best. The journey continues, the mission spreads wider and wider while the world shrinks itself smaller and smaller to become ONE FAMILY!

OUR Philosophy

Our story begins with you! Crafted with heirloom recipes, our holistic superfoods are envisioned with 100% Natural ingredients for a healthier and happier you! Blending age-old kitchen wisdom with Ayurveda, we make Nutrition nostalgic, lifestyle clutter-free, and revive long-lost relished memories of a family enjoying meals together.

Meet Our team

Ms. Archna Soni


Dr Ujjwal Soni

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