Namaste everyone! 

Often do we get a chance to read a brand story! Especially when there are so many out there! But does it stop us from writing one, absolutely not! 

You might have tasted our super blends, but hey do you know the flavor is not just of the products but of the story of it too. Well, we are not going to make you wait anymore! 

Ashvatha is here in your feed. In your lives. In your kitchen. In your daily cup of your daily spoon of everyday intake and its story is quite mesmerizing too. More than just a brand, it is a mother’s dream, an Ayurveda gospel caught in every teaspoon of the packaging, a legacy of a grandmother, secrecy of ancient wisdom for the modern lifestyle, and whatnot! Named after the tree of life, our brand sought to revive our Indianness from within. It troubleshoots our present chaotic lifestyle affair and goes back to the roots for the ultimate solution. 

The tree of life is just a resemblance of a mother’s dream sowed carefully until germinated into a tiny plant in her verandah. The stem is the growth of her wisdom and knowledge that carefully branches out her thoughts into evergreen and nurturing thoughts to protect her family and feed it with something healthy and better. The quest to achieve the impossible began with sprinkling her knowledge of Ayurveda with the age-old grandma recipes blending them and to our surprise, it blossomed into beautiful healthy buds and flowers just like the smiles of her kids she couldn’t bear to lose during the under weather times. 

Ayurveda, the science of life is another chapter of our healthy tale. Ancient manuscripts, aromatic leaves plucked and ground in the mortar and pestle, the earthy essence of nature with long-lasting effects, this 5000-year-old science has been more of a blessing to our culture that holds bountiful secrets of wellness. Blending its very essence to the core, our products are inspired by such nurturing knowledge. This age-old mantra is the remedy to all our modern lifestyle conditions. Infusing ayurvedic wellness with every teaspoon, each of our products makes sure to bring order to your chaotic eating habits and lifestyle. 

Well, if our story is taken from the Ayurvedic saga, we don’t forget to craft and blend it Naturally. Can we? Our ingredients are 100% natural committing to our promise of purity. There are no preservatives, no artificial colors, additive colors, or chemicals. Ours is 100% natural to give your flavors of purity in this current adulterated world. 

Behind every success story, there’s a vision, there’s hard work to achieve it, and then there’s a mother. In our journey to healthier living, there’s a mother, a homemaker who wanted to make a big difference in this adulterated world. In her kitchen, Mrs. Archna Soni tossed all the natural ingredients procured from the farms in a bowl, sprinkled these with her Ayurvedic knowledge following her traditional recipes, and voila!  The recipe of Ashvatha is so ready!   

Like the hypnotizing earthy aroma of spices, the news spread in and about the neighborhood. The secret was out and gave the mother of two the much-needed encouragement to go out there and paint the world in her natural colors of purity. Archna geared to set up the workforce and like the story is flowing, there’s no doubt, her choice was to have Sheros in her team. Like a powerful heroine, she along with her female workforce began the manufacturing of the products starting with Milk Booster, Kadha, Chai Masala, and subzi masala.   

The following are the four products via which have paved the path of Ashvatha. 

Ashvatha Milk Booster- Kesar Elaichi: Goodness of 18 Nuts, Seeds & Herbs. 

Ashvatha Chai Masala: Goodness of 9 herbal spices

Ashvatha Grandma’s Kadha: Goodness of 17+ herbal spices

Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala: Goodness of 20+ herbal spices

We hope with our prime vision and your support, we stack up more product range brimming with Ashvatha’s love. Till that time, stay healthy, eat right, and don’t forget to spread the Ashvatha word to your near and dear ones! Toodles!