India that I admire, is a heavenly hub for spices. In every Indian household the methods are unique to blend the spices and make a scrumptious dish, but what enhances the flavors is selecting the right kind of masala which are quality picked and authentically blended to make a perfect mix in Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala reviving the taste of originality.

Food without masala is as meaningless as birds without wings, existence without acknowledgment, ultimately no fun in existence. Every spice has a beautiful aroma and there is a variety available in the Indian Subcontinent depending upon the climatic condition they are grown in. Used in different forms: chopped, whole, ground, roasted, sauteed, fried, or topping. These spices are gems for every food prepared just like Akbar’s court was proud of their magnificent spicy and delicious food recipes. Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala is all about a pinch of love that has to be added in the day to day cooking, no matter whether it is for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It eventually amplifies the taste and uplifts the quality of food prepared. The specialty of Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala lies solely in being pious, gluten-free,100% organic, and containing zero preservatives along with being rich as antioxidant .. Thus cooking is an art and exploring Indian food with Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala definitely would expand the cooking repertoire.


Spices are famous worldwide, besides being food enhancers, they have medicinal benefits in them too.

As per past Indian traditions, it is seen that hunters and gatherers wrapped meat in leaves and added seeds, nuts, berries and bark, accidentally discovering that such process improves that taste of their food.

Over the years, spices and herbs were also used as a way to mask unpleasant tastes and odors of food, and later, to keep food fresh.

Ancient civilizations did not distinguish between those spices and herbs used for flavoring with those used for medicinal purposes. When leaves, seeds, roots, or gums had a pleasant taste or agreeable odor, its demand surged and gradually a norm for that culture as a condiment.

Spices were also valuable as items of exchange and trade. Even the Bible mentions that in 1000 BC, the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon in Jerusalem and offered him “120 measures of gold, many spices, and precious stones”.

It is also believed that when Vasco de Gama discovered India in 1942, he encountered pirates exporting spices from India to Portugal. At that time spices had value more than gold. Over 5000 years ago, salt which was produced in India was even given as the salary for Roman soldiers, hence coining the term “worth his salt”.

Adding to that in the 4th century BC, black pepper was extremely valuable and was called black gold.

As early as the 8th century BC spices indigenous to India (e.g. cardamom and turmeric) were cultivated in the gardens of Babylon (Sinha, 2003; Tapsell, 2006).

Spices have long stories of their benefits and usage but what makes them so useful was the purity that also lies in Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala. Interestingly, they used to be so pious that Sushruta, an ancient Indian physician (around 4th century BC) used white mustard and other aromatic plants in bedsheets to ward to off malignant spirits. He also applied a poultice from sesame to post-operation wounds which may have acted as an antiseptic.

Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala is an amalgamation of 20 superlative quality herbs, blended to bring the perfect flavor, color & taste that is similar to the originality back thousands years back.


It has anti diabetic along with powerful anti-oxidant properties. Cinnamon is also effective for its natural birth control effects and lowers the risk of urinary tract infections. This spice as fried or ground is added to a dish as well as acts a great enhancer for chai. Moreover, Cinnamon is a popular spice in many cuisines providing immunity against cancer and helping lower blood pressure. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala produce the highest amount of this spice.

 Black Pepper: 

Powerful anti-oxidant and has antimicrobial properties. Ideal for curing tooth decay, cavities, vitiligo, sinusitis, and gas, eating black pepper also promotes the absorption of nutrients to all the tissues of the body, thus improving overall health.


Helps to lower the blood pressure and is a great promoter of oral health. It is also considered as the queen of spices, relieves stress, promotes healthy kidneys, alleviates vomiting, treats impotency, and relieves joint pain and backaches.


Helps in weight loss and anti-diabetic properties. Also it’s a remedy for all sorts of Kapha aggravating disorders like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cough, and cold symptoms. It provides relief from cough and congestion and also helps in removing phlegm deposits from the respiratory tract.


Best “Natural Antioxidant” and anti-microbial spice. Cloves cure bad breath, increase the secretion of digestive enzymes, and boosts insulin function. It protects the liver from damage caused by free radicals and strengthen bones.


As powerful anti-oxidant, it has great anti-inflammatory properties including pain relief, soothing  indigestion, strengthen cognitive function, detoxify the body, boost skin health, alleviate oral conditions, reduce insomnia, increase immune system function, and prevent leukemia, and improve blood circulation.


Rich in fiber and helps in blood sugar control, moreover it is the oldest medicinally used plant that helps in reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and laos has hair nourishment benefits.

Curry Leaves:

Rich in Vitamin A, B, C, and B2 helps in reducing weight and alsoa great source to make hair healthy. The perfect source of iron and calcium. Good for diabetes.

Bay Leaves:

Improves cholesterol profile.

Star Anise:

Contains Shikimic acid – has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties also, improve digestion, alleviate cramps, and reduce nausea.

Coriander Seeds:

Promotes digestion and gut health, also helps in reducing bad cholesterol, promotes good cholesterol in the body. These are rich in copper, zinc, iron, and other essential minerals that increase RBC and improves heart health.


Has Gingerol a powerful antioxidant, anti-diabetic property and reduces Menstrual Pain- as potent as Mefenamic Acid (Meftal Spas). Ginger also treats nausea, digestive problems, circulation, and arthritis. It also promotes proper blood circulation, relieves stress, reduces the frequency and intensity of headaches, and flushes out toxins.


Rich in Potassium and Benefit Heart health reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and even provide the anti-cancer effect.


Powerful anti-oxidant rich in Vitamin C. Reduces the risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

 All of these spices are blended with authenticity and is readily available in the Ashvatha Indian Subzi Masala.