Milk Booster Thandai Recipe | Traditional Summer Beverage

Summers are here and one can never have enough of Thandai !

The word Thandai comes from the Hindi word Thand means cold. Thandai drink has a cooling effect on the body, hence the name.

Made using milk and a lot of aromatic spices, dried nuts, and fruits, this festive drink is very refreshing, and a perfect summer cooler. 

But, in this super fast lifestyle, who has the time to make it from scratch? Therefore, here is an instant Thandai using our Kesar- Elaichi Milk Booster, which is not only delicious but also healthy.

500 ml of milk
3-4 tsp of Ashvatha Milk Booster
3-4 tsp sugar or any other sweetener( as per your choice )
Chopped pistachios
Pinch of Kesar ( optional )
Ice cubes
Dried rose petals.

-Add milk to a big pot; add sugar and churn it nicely.
- Add in the Ashvatha milk booster, chopped pistachios, Kesar, rose petals, and ice cubes.
-This time you churn it very well with the energy of Holi coming soon ☺
-Ta-daaa 🥳 Serve in Kulhad or Steel glass and don’t forget to jam hard and splash your Thandai.

Note-You can add powdered Khas Khas in this too if you want.

We can almost smell the aroma of this treat, can you too? 🤤

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